Tracy Morgan, After Undergoing a Kidney Transplant, To Miss Taping Some Episodes of '30 Rock''s Inside TV blog

Tracy Morgan had a kidney transplant earlier this month and will miss taping some episodes of NBC's "30 Rock" while he recuperates, reports's InsideTV blog.

Morgan's absence will be written into the show as his character having had a meltdown because of "a good thing that happens to him," the story notes. The episodes without Morgan, who was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996, will air in March. He will miss taping at least two episodes, the story says.

The article notes that the surgery was successful, with Morgan seen at a Knicks recenlty.

He's the second cast member of "30 Rock" to have a kidney transplant, since Grizz Chapman, a member of his entourage on the show, had the same surgery earlier this year, the story notes.