WABC-TV Weather Reporter Arrested, Charged with Allegedly Fabricating Rape Claim NY Post

WABC-TV weather reporter Heidi Jones was arrested for allegedly falsely claiming she was raped while jogging in Central Park, reports the New York Post.

After her arrest the station suspended Jones pending the outcome of an internal investigation of the incident, the Post reported in a second story.

Jones, who fills in on "Good Morning America" and anchors the New York station's weekend evening weather coverage, was charged with filing a false report, which could result in as much as year in jail or a fine of $1,000, the story notes.

Jones, 37, told police in November that she had been attacked in the park while jogging, saying that a Hispanic man had dragged her into the woods and had attempted to rape her, the article says.

Police noticed inconsistencies in her stories and the first clue was that she waited nearly two months until after she had said the alleged crime took place in September to make the report, the story says.

The article adds that when she was confronted with her story's holes, she allegedly admitted she had made it up.