Would You Buy a Rover From This Man? Michael Vick Gets Back Into the Ad Endorsement Business Advertising Age

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who spent 21 month in prison after pleading guilty to running a dogfighting ring, has gotten his first post-prison ad endorsement deal. It's for a New Jersey car dealership, reports Advertising Age.

According to the article, "There is no cash involved; Mr. Vick is being compensated by having the use of a $54,000 Nissan Armada." [Though in the commercial, below, it makes it seem that Vick is driving a much less expensive Nissan.] The dealership is Woodbury Nissan.

The story says reaction to Vick's new endorsement deal has been mixed: "On Yahoo Sports, the public debate raged with nearly 400 comments. The Football God wrote, 'Thanks Woodbury Nissan for showing a side of Vick we the public forgot. This ranks right up there with your showing Leona Helmsley helping us to save on our taxes. Or Lindsay Lohan looking for crack in the windshield, Or Susan Smith showing us how to buckle children in a car. And finally O.J. slashing prices. Keep up the good work.'

"But a poster named Duke replied: 'To all concerned, Michael Vick, is not a thief,a rapest [sic], a murderer, a terrorist, and any other type of person who would commit a crime against humanity. In my opinion, his only crime was poor judgment and being under influence of so call [sic] friends. He deserves a chance to be a member in society again. So far, he is doing just that.' "

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Here's the commercial: