Cutting the Peacock's Wings: Iconic Bird Logo Is an Early Casualty of Comcast's NBC Takeover NY Times

The NBC peacock has apparently gone missing from the NBC Universal logo with Comcast's closure of its merger with the media giant, reports The New York Times' Media Decoder blog.

About 27,000 employees of NBC Universal were given a coffee table book, a notebook and 25 shares of Comcast stock on Thursday, on the eve of the deal's closure on Friday, the story notes. But some employees noticed that the logo for NBC Universal was missing the iconic bird, the article says.

It turns out that Comcast cut the bird--as well as the Universal globe--from the NBC Universal logo because it wanted a cleaner look, the story notes.

The missing bird drew enough concern that NBC News anchor Brian Williams brought it up at a company-wide town hall on Thursday, telling new NBC Universal Chief Executive Steve Burke, "It’s our Coca Cola. It’s our Apple. It’s our Ford Motor Co., that instantly recognizable thing.”

Burke responded that the logo without the bird is the new corporate logo, not the logo seen by consumers. The article notes that NBC viewers will still see the peacock.

To read a provocvative commentary about his by TVWeek Open Mic blogger Chuck Ross, please click here.


Top: the old NBC Universal logo. which includes the peacock

Bottom: the new one, which doesn't