ESPN Sportscaster Fired Over Alleged Sexist Remark The Washington Post

An ESPN sportscaster who has been at the all-sports network for more than 20 years has been fired after he reportedly made sexist comments followed by an expletive to sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards, reports The Washington Post.

The fired sportscaster is Ron Franklin.

According to the article, "Franklin, 68, had worked at the sports network for nearly 24 years, primarily as a play-by-play announcer on college football and basketball games.

"The network pulled Franklin off the Fiesta Bowl college football game broadcast Saturday after Franklin's encounter with sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards a day earlier.

"Franklin responded testily on Friday when Edwards tried to join a conversation he was having with two other male sportscasters hours before going on the air. Franklin rebuffed Edwards, calling her "sweet baby." When Edwards replied that she didn't appreciate being addressed that way, he responded, "Okay, then, [expletive]."

The article adds, "In 2005, Franklin addressed another sideline reporter, Holly Rowe, as 'sweetheart' during a game. He later apologized to her. It's unclear whether he issued a similar apology to Edwards."

That story also reports that ESPN said, in a statement, that "Based on what occurred last Friday, we have ended our relationship with him," referring to Franklin.ronfranklin1.jpg