'Glee' Star Takes Stand AGAINST a Famous New York Institution NY Times Media Decoder blog

One of the hallmarks of New York City that's been featured in everything from famous romantic movies to a memorable episode of "Seinfeld" is the horse-drawn carriages that can be hired for rides in Central Park.

Lea Michele, the "Glee" star who plays Rachel on the show, has signed on with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for a campaign targeting this New York institution, reports The New York Times' Media Decoder blog.

PETA is known for its ability to attract celebrities to support its causes, the story points out. The campaign that Michele will be part of consists of posters and video clips featuring her along with the message "Horses don't belong in NYC traffic."

PETA has protested the carriage trade for years, and an audit by the comptroller's office in 2007 concluded that health hazards were created by inadequate monitoring by the health department and other agencies, the story notes. PETA tried to buy commercial time on video screens inside NYC taxis, but wasn't able to, the article adds.