Report: Two of 2010's Most Pirated Shows Were Fan Favorites that Went Off-the-Air Last Year; One Got More Downloads Than the Show's Average Audience Size

Two of 2010's most pirated television shows were fan favorites that went off the air last year, reports

The No. 1 pirated show was "Lost," with an estimated 5.94 million downloads from BitTorrent, the story says. That compared with an estimated television viewership of more than 13 million people. Meanwhile, "Heroes" was the second-most-pirated program with 5.48 million downloads, more than its estimated viewership of 5.3 million, the article points out.

"The massive piracy of TV shows is mostly a reflection of the unavailability of these shows in countries outside the U.S., and a signal that TV viewing habits are changing," the story says.

The article says that fans outside the U.S. "sometimes have to wait for weeks or even months before the show airs on TV in their own country. Many of them are simply not that patient or willing to torture themselves, and turn to BitTorrent in desperation."