Which Huge Star Turned Down a Guest Spot on 'Glee' Because It Would Be Too Much Work? NY Post

Fox’s musical hit “Glee” has made a name for itself largely through its high-profile guest stars, with Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, John Stamos, Neil Patrick Harris and Olivia Newton-John among the many who took a turn on the show last year.

But one high-profile veteran film and TV star turned down an invitation to appear on the show, saying it would take too much time to prepare for the part.

That performer is John Travolta, reports the New York Post. The “Saturday Night Fever” star said he was flattered to get the offer, but he told “Entertainment Tonight,” "When I do musicals I train for six to nine months ... and a show like that is an on-demand thing."

Travolta said that if he did appear on "Glee," he would want to do something special and that would take time. “I really have a criteria or a pride that I would wanna knock ’em dead, and I don’t think I’d knock ’em dead in a week," he said.