Marketing Test Uses Webcam to Track Eyeballs--Literally--With Surprising Result: Ad for Diapers Tops List as Most Effective Ad Age

An innovative marketing measurement method getting a tryout from Procter & Gamble, which uses webcams to literally track eyeballs online, has produced some surprising results, Advertising Age reports.

The trial run taking place in Scandinavia saw Pampers get the best results of any of the 100 online ads being tested.

The study involved 400 participants looking at ads at home. It took place in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. “The study was conducted by Stockholm-based MRC Online EyeTracking, which uses webcams and software developed by Tobii Technology to follow viewers' gaze,” the story reports. “MRC defined effectiveness based on where and how long people looked at elements of the advertising.”

Matthias Plank, CEO of MRC International, said P&G has signed on as a customer of MRC's EyeTrackShop service for the Nordic region. MRC recently opened a U.S. office in New York, but P&G is not working with the company in the U.S. at this point, he said.