'Gossip Girl' Star Sues Her Mom, Accuses Her of Inappropriately Using Her Money for Plastic Surgery TMZ

One of the stars of "Gossip Girl" is suing her mom, claiming her mother spent money on plastic surgery that the actress had sent for her little brother, reports

According to the lawsuit, actress Leighton Meester sent her mom $7,500 per month for her little brother, who has severe medical issues, the story says. Instead, the suit alleges, her mom used the money for cosmetic procedures and personal spending.

Meester alleges her mother threatened to file a $3 million lawsuit against her unless she began paying $10,000 per month for life, the piece says.

Her mom claims the pair had an oral lifelong contract for the monthly amount, which Meester denies, the story says. Meester is asking a judge to declare there's no contract between her and her mom, the article notes.