Simon vs. Simon: Attorney for Fuller Fires Back at Cowell in 'American Idol'-'X Factor' Legal Showdown THR

An attorney for “American Idol” creator Simon Fuller lashed out at Simon Cowell after Cowell sounded off about Fuller’s lawsuit over the U.S. version of “The X Factor,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Mr. Cowell would be better served reading scripts than legal pleadings and documents he clearly does not understand,” Fuller attorney Dale Kinsella told the publication.

His comments came after Cowell said in an interview with THR that Fuller has no right to seek an executive producer credit on “X Factor,” which premieres next month.

Cowell told the publication: “It’s like me saying I want to be executive producer on ‘The Voice’ or ‘Project Runway.’”

The latest report notes: “The feud between the two Simons goes back years. Fuller sued Cowell shortly after ‘X Factor’ first appeared on British television in 2004, leading to the settlement that Fuller now claims granted him the right to a rich fee and credit on the U.S. ‘X Factor.’”