Hi-Tech Meets the Most Primal of Human Functions as Pissed-Off Man Sues Google in Our Weird News Story of the Day TG Daily

"A man is suing Google after a precarious picture of him showed up on the company's Street View service," TG Daily reports.

The article continues, "Google now blurs faces of people that happen to be in the line of fire, but for one man in a small village in France, that's not good enough. The roaming vehicle happened to spin by his house at the very moment he was relieving himself in his garden."

Adds the story, "Even though he was blurred, it was right outside his house and the town he lives in is small, so he became 'an object of ridicule,' according to his lawyer, Jean-Noel Bouillaud, as quoted by AFP. Google is able to justify literally driving through entire countries and taking pictures of every passing person because streets are public property where there is no expectation of privacy."

The article continues, "But the man in this case, whose name has not been revealed, said he was in his own privately owned property, with the gate closed. There, he does have a reasonable expectation of privacy."