New Witness Surfaces in Trayvon Martin Killing: 'Something Really Horrible Is Happening' Mediaite

A witness to the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida, interviewed Thursday night by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, described seeing “scuffling” and hearing a “painful” scream, Mediaite reports.

The anonymous witness also said it appeared that George Zimmerman, the accused shooter, was unharmed after the encounter.

Asked by Cooper to tell what he heard and saw that night, the witness said: “It would have to be starting with hearing voices, but not seeing, but after the voices, opening the window, and seeing two men, or two people, on the ground. On top of each other.”

Cooper then asked what caused him to pay attention, and the witness said:

“At first I heard the voices with my window closed. And pretty much in that area, people walk their dogs, and you’ll hear people talking, and you can hear them very clearly even when they’re not talking loud. So I thought it was rather loud, but I had just shut my window (because it started raining) … and I thought, oh my gosh who’s out there walking their dog in the rain? And I didn’t look. And then I did something else, and then I heard the loud voices again, and then I thought, well, let me see who that is. And I opened up my window … and it definitely was a very loud, predominant voice. I couldn’t hear the words, but I was like, okay this is not a regular conversation. This is someone aggressively, you know, yelling at someone.”

The witness said there was a gap between when he first heard the voices and when he opened the window. He then described what he saw after he opened the window:

“I saw two men on the ground, on top of each other, obviously thinking, okay something really horrible is happening. And at that point, not looking out the window, I heard a yell for help, and then I heard … another excruciating type of yell. It didn’t even almost sound like ‘help,’ it almost sounded so painful. But I wasn’t watching out the window. [...] Next time I looked out the window, there same thing, two men on the grass, on top of each other [...] I couldn’t see a lot of movement because it was very dark, but I felt like they were scuffling. And then I heard gunshots, which to me, were more like pops.”

The Mediaite report includes a clip of the interview, which can be seen by clicking here.