'Terra Nova' Star, Upset by Show's Cancellation, Looks to Outer Space for Perspective Deadline

The decision by Fox to cancel the time-traveling drama "Terra Nova" was "myopic," according to one of the show's stars, reports

Stephen Lang responded to the cancellation by comparing the show to the Hubble Space Telescope, the story notes.

"Within weeks of a much publicized and ballyhooed launch in 1990, the Hubble was found to have a serious flaw. Yet even with an improperly ground mirror the Hubble delivered extraordinary images. When the flaw was corrected the Hubble delivered images of transcendent beauty and value for many years. So too 'Terra Nova,’" Lang said. "Failing to renew 'Terra Nova' is shortsighted, as myopic as it would have been to scrap the Hubble. ‘Terra Nova’ is the Hubble Telescope of television."