Arsenio Hall's Obscenity-Laced Outburst TMZ

One usually associates Arsenio Hall with outbursts of comedic gems, not anger.

So it was a surprise to many viewers when he delivered an angry rant recenlty on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" -- see video clip below.

And now one of  the participants on "Apprentice” is dishing about the  heavily publicized outburst -- saying it was even worse than what made it to the air, reports.

Lisa Lampanelli told a radio call-in show that the unaired portions of the rant included Hall using the C-word against contestant Aubrey O’Day and saying “I will something something all over your face.” Lampanelli described the outburst as violent and said she was shaken up by the incident.

The on-air portion includes a rant by Hall against O’Day in which he repeatedly says “F**k her!”

Here’s a clip of Hall’s on-air rant ...