Chevy Chase Storms Off the Set, Leaves Profanity-Laced Voicemail in Feud With 'Community' Creator (Listen to the Voicemail) Deadline

A feud has erupted between "Community" creator Dan Harmon and actor Chevy Chase, who plays Pierce Hawthorne, after Harmon allegedly gave a "fuck you, Chevy" speech during a wrap party, reports Nellie Andreeva at

Harmon reportedly encouraged the crew to join him in telling Chase "fuck you," prompting Chase to leave immediately -- before filming one of his scenes, the story notes. Chase later reportedly left a profanity-filled voice message, which can be heard here. (The message was played in front of other people, who can be heard laughing in the recording).

Chase had a reputation for being difficult before he joined the NBC comedy, the story says, and there has been tension previously between Chase and Harmon, given their passionate personalities.

"It is unclear at the moment what impact the falling-out between Harmon and Chase would have on 'Community' and whether Chase would continue on the show," Andreeva writes. "The producers’ attention right now is focused on securing a fourth-season renewal for the offbeat comedy, which appears more and more likely."