Reality TV Personality to Run for Governor TheWrap

A reality television personality who gained notoriety because of one particular escapade has announced plans to run for governor of Virginia in 2013, reports.

The announcement comes from Tareq Salahi, best known from his appearances on Bravo's "The Real Housewives of D.C." and for an incident in which he and his wife, Michaele, tried to crash a White House dinner. Tareq and Michaele Salahi are now estranged.

Salahi is apparently serious about his ambitions and will seek the Republican Party's nomination. He said of his plans, "As a Virginia native for the last 42 years, I am troubled to see how our current political figure heads continue to waste taxpayer dollars during these difficult economic times."

Salahi declared to The Washington Post: "It's not part of reality TV. It’s not a stunt.”

The newspaper pointed out that Salahi recently had a legal confrontation with another Republican hopeful for the governor's office, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II. The two men reportedly tangled over a business deal, with Cuccinelli suing Salahi.

Salahi reportedly admitted to The Post that avenging the lawsuit is a motivation for the political bid.