'The Office' Cast Member Says Actors Are Waiting for NBC to 'Pull the Trigger' THR

One of the cast members on NBC’s “The Office” indicated the clock is ticking on stalled negotiations for a new season, and the next move seems to be up to the network.

"The Office" co-star Jenna Fischer tells The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed that the cast wants to return to the show and that "it's really just a matter of NBC pulling the trigger."

As previously reported, negotiations between the network and cast members Fischer, John Krasinski, B.J. Novak and Ed Helms stalled, leading NBC to consider rebooting the series as a sort of "The Office 2.0."

NBC has "to announce it by May 15 when the upfronts happen, right? So we're all just waiting," Fischer said, according to The Reporter. "We're really excited to come back -- everybody wants to come back. I know Rainn [Wilson] does have his show, but he's going to come back to 'The Office' as well, so yeah, we're just waiting."

Mindy Kaling, who is working on a pilot at Fox, could also return, the actress said. "Listen, Mindy writes on our show, so we actually only get her for a couple of shooting days every week anyway, so I don't know if that's something can be worked out," Fischer said, according to the report.