Is This Worse Than Spelling 'Minnelli' Wrong? So Far, Not So Good for ABC's Experiment With Expanded 'GMA' AP

ABC is trying an afternoon expansion of its morning show "Good Morning America," with a nine-week trial that might become more permanent if it performs well, reports the Associated Press.

But the Monday debut of “Good Afternoon America” didn’t exactly come off without a hitch. The broadcast ended abruptly in the middle of an anecdote from singer Liza Minnelli, the story notes. Minnelli was interviewed after singing "New York, New York" in the show's Manhattan studio, the piece adds.

"The show began at 2 p.m. ET and was blessed on its first day with legitimate pop culture news: the rapid divorce settlement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes," the article points out.

Hosted by Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott, who are both featured on the morning show, the afternoon program kept to the early show's mixture of light topics and pop culture, the story adds.

The report by AP television writer David Bauder gives this account of the Minnelli appearance: “Minnelli, backed by a band and dancers, performed to tout a new live disc of a 1974 recording. In the interview following, Elliott asked her, ‘What was it like watching Liza Minnelli back then?’

“A slightly bewildered Minnelli replied: ‘I don't know. I've never seen her.’

“She then launched into an anecdote about the old days before being stopped cold by Spencer. They'd run out of time on Day One.”