Notorious Reality TV Personality Saves Actor's Life TMZ

A woman who became famous as one of the most hated figures on a popular reality TV show -- it was popular at that time, anyway -- has saved a man’s life, reports.

Omarosa Stallworth, who stirred controversy and made a name for herself as a volatile participant on NBC’s “The Apprentice” back in 2004, performed CPR on “The Green Mile” actor Michael Clarke Duncan after Duncan had a heart attack. Duncan is Omarosa’s boyfriend.

Her action appears to have saved Duncan’s life. The 54-year-old actor was taken to a Los Angeles hospital and admitted to the ICU, the story reports.

“Sources tell us ... Duncan's heart rate is now stable and Omarosa is by his side,” the story reports. “Doctors are performing tests to figure out why the actor's heart stopped in the first place.”

Duncan was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for "The Green Mile."

Michael_Clarke_Duncan.jpgMichael Clarke Duncan

omarosa-stallworth.jpgOmarosa Stallworth