Monkeying Around: NBC Commits One Final Flub -- in the Eyes of Some Already Unhappy Viewers, Including 'Glee' Star Kevin McHale -- as It Bids Farewell to Olympics THR

NBC made more fans unhappy on its final night of Olympics coverage Sunday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Wrapping up two weeks of Olympics coverage marred by complaints over tape delay and various missteps, the network stirred up more criticism when it edited out parts of the closing ceremony to show a preview of the new comedy "Animal Practice," the story reports.

The editing meant that performances by Muse's Matt Bellamy, Ray Davies of the Kinks and a second song by George Michael weren't seen by viewers, the story says.

Before a commercial break, viewers were told by Bob Costas that the network would return to "wrap things up," but after the break he told viewers that the remainder of the closing ceremony wouldn't air until an hour later, following a preview of "Animal Practice" and local news, according to the piece.

Viewers including "Glee" star Kevin McHale were peeved by the interruption, with McHale writing on Twitter, "DEAR NBC. Interrupting the Olympic closing ceremony for an hr to air a show about a fictional animal dr. before it ends is a disgrace. Shame on you."

NBC was criticized throughout its Olympics coverage for its insistence on using tape delay, prompting viewers to create the Twitter hashtag #NBCFail, as previously reported.

At least one viewer said the closing ceremony interruption warranted another #NBCFail mention.

"I may not be a The Who fan, but cutting them off to show terrible Animal Practice is just another thing to add to the #NBCfail list," one viewer wrote, according to the story.

Another previously reported misstep by the network that incurred a flood of criticism involved the awkward choice of a promo for “Animal Practice” featuring a monkey doing gymnastics, which immediately followed comments by Costas on the significance of Gabby Douglas’ achievement in becoming the first African American woman to win the all-around gymnastics gold medal.