Reality Show Star Says She Pleaded With the Network Not to Air Highly Charged Episode -- But to No Avail US Magazine

One of the stars of a popular cable reality show reveals that she begged execs at the network not to air the show. US Magazine reports that Teresa Giudice, in her blog on the Bravo website, implored the cable network not to air an episode of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” in which her husband referred to her as a “c--t” and “my bitch wife.”

Bravo promoted the show anyway, airing it last Sunday.

Giudice was reportedly informed about the content of Joe Giudice’s tirade not long before the broadcast and soon asked that Bravo keep it off the air. After viewing the telecast she wrote: “Once I watched it, I was sick. I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach."

Giudice also commented on her blog, "When you sign up for a TV show, you sign up to show everything. ... Kind of like that other promise: for better or worse. Welcome to the 'worse.'"

The report notes that Joe Giudice’s behavior is a common story line on the Bravo series.

Teresa Giudice wrote on the blog: "It hurts my feelings, and it was horrible to watch played out on national TV." She also said Joe Giudice is “a great dad and a great husband, and we still really like each other.”

She indicated that her husband was apparently drunk during his tirade; she did not address that Joe was reportedly talking to another woman when he launched into the verbal assault on his wife.