Report: CNN Contemplating a Radical Change of Direction to Revive Ratings NY Post

CNN is looking at a change in its programming approach that some insiders are comparing to MTV’s move away from music programming years ago, the New York Post reports.

Among other possible changes, CNN is reportedly talking with producers of reality shows to help boost the network's ailing ratings. According to documents obtained by the Post, CNN is also working on a late-night talk show that would feature a panel, in addition to five new reality shows that would air on Saturday and Sunday nights.

The reality shows would be packaged with a new program from celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who will debut a Sunday night show on CNN in early 2013.

CNN is also looking for on-air personalities aside from TV news types, with Bourdain marking the "prototype" for the kind of star CNN wants to add to its lineup, the story notes.

The change is being compared to when MTV decided to stop airing music videos because the strategy wasn't working any longer, the story says, citing an outside producer who has met with CNN executives.

The only CNN host who appears to be safe from programming changes is Anderson Cooper, the story says, citing people who have spoken with programming executives.

A representative for CNN declined to comment.