Are You Ready for a 7-Foot TV Screen That Blows Away Hi-Def? It's on the Way, Along With a Hefty Price Tag -- and One Other Big Problem NY Post, DigitalArts

The latest in television technology will be ready for retail later this year, with a screen measuring about 7 feet wide and a price tag of at least $15,000, reports the New York Post.

The new technology is an innovation called 4K TV, which is said to be four times as detailed as the current high-definition resolution, according to the story. Sony has announced that it will start selling the first 4K sets later this year.

One key obstacle remains: No television shows or DVDs have yet been made for the technology. According to an interview with HBO's chief technology officer Robert Zitter, the TV industry would have to build a new production and distribution infrastructure to take advantage of 4K, reports DigitalArts.

"That makes us look at 4K somewhat skeptically. From my perspective, I have looked at 4K and we are prepared to, if it really comes to pass, maybe offer it on an on-demand basis," Zitter said, according to the story.