Keith Olbermann Offers a 'Special Comment' About Latest Romney Blunder Huffington Post, MobyPicture

Former MSNBC and Current TV commentator Keith Olbermann has been keeping a relatively low profile since his latest firing (from Current, back in March), but he resurfaced this week with what is in essence one of his trademark “Special Comments,” The Huffington Post reports.

The clip is Olbermann’s response to a new video that appears to damage GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney’s election chances. In the new Romney video, apparently shot without Romney’s knowledge during a fundraiser attended mainly by wealthy donors, the candidate makes what is being described as disparaging remarks about what Romney calls the 47% of the electorate that is going to vote for Barack Obama no matter what.

The new Olbermann clip has the commentator attempting to respond, in Olbermann’s words, to “Gov. Romney’s 47% tape and the news that his fundraiser was staged by a man who conducts sex parties on Long Island,” but Olbermann mainly just breaks out in laughter.

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