Local TV Revenues Will Be Up 14% This Year Because of Political Ads. Without Those Ads Local TV Would Only Be Up 2%. Overall Political Ad Spending Will Hit $2.7 Billion This Year, Up 30% Over the Midterm Elections of 2010 MediaPost's Media Daily Nws

Political ads are the gift that keeps on giving to local TV stations.

"Overall, [media agency] Magna Global says political advertising is expected to hit $2.7 billion for 2012 -- a 30% gain over the $2.1 billion level in 2010, reports our good friend Wayne Friedman of MediaPost's Media Daily News.

Friedman also wrties: "Interpublic's Magna Global unit says there has been a nearly 30% surge to almost $274 million in political advertising in the second quarter of this year, compared to a similar period in the last big political advertising year, 2010"

The article adds, "Vincent Letang, executive vice president and director of global forecasting of Magna, stated: 'Without political ad spend, Magna believes that local television ad revenues would have been up 2% this year; with political effect, it will grow by an average 14%. The bonanza will be much bigger in swing states.'"