Ted Koppel Reveals 'The only time in more than 50 years that I've ever killed a story' THR

Ted Koppel has revealed the only time in his career as a journalist that he decided not to air a story, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Koppel spoke to THR yesterday, Oct. 9, 2012, at an event promoting the release of Ben Affleck's new movie "Argo," which is about the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979-1980.

It was during this crisis that Koppel, who was then the Diplomatic Correspondent for ABC News, gained national attention.

ABC put on a M-F late-night program about the hostage crisis that later turned into "Nightline."

During the hostage crisis, Koppel and some other journalists had found out that "six American workers who had escaped the embassy during the raid were hiding out at the home of the Canadian Ambassador," THR reports.

Koppel then tells THR, " 'I got a call from the Secretary of State, saying, 'I understand that you’re going to put this story on the air tonight. And I can’t tell you not to do it, but I would ask you not to, because it seems to us inevitable that if you put it on the air, that the Canadian Embassy would probably be taken, and that the Americans that escaped from the US Embassy would probably be killed.' "

"Ultimately, [Koppel] decided not to go with the report. 'The only time in more than 50 years that I’ve ever killed a story,' he said."