Kevin Reilly, Chair of Fox Entertainment, Has Tough Words for Hollywood: 'We're Too Obsessed With Each Other and Not Enough With the Consumer.' Rethinking Needed, From the Way Shows Are Created to When They Air THR

Fox Broadcasting Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly has some tough words for those in the TV business.

"Reilly said the industry has not gotten its arms around the impact of the DVR or the need to consider how viewers embrace and engage with a show, as well as how it rates," according to a report written by Alex Ben Block in The Hollywood Reporter. The piece continues: "He added that a lot of people who make TV don’t actually watch it the way real people watch it."

In a headline-making moment, Reilly said, “A lot of us -- the way we conduct ourselves -- we have our head up our ass."

According to the story, Reilly added: "As an industry, when you’re in the talent business, we are way too obsessed on the competition with each other and not enough with the consumer. The consumer has spoken loudly and clearly, and the genie is not going back in the bottle."

The story then notes that Reilly "argued that TV needs to adapt to these changes -- from the way shows are created to when they air."

Reilly is then quoted as saying: “The one-size-fits-all nature of the business for the most part worked well for 50 years, but now there is an evolution. This is what I mean when I say our heads are up our ass. … I see us in the industry buying cut-rate fare because [we think] people want to watch cut-rate fare in summer. That’s not true.“

Reilly's comments come from a TV industry panel he was on during a luncheon in the Century City area of Los Angeles on Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012.