Fox News Contributor Dick Morris Explains His Election Prediction Goof Fox News

Dick Morris, a major talking head on Fox News, appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" to explain how his prediction of a landslide victory for Mitt Romney in the presidential election was so far off, reports

Morris told O'Reilly, "I goofed, I made a mistake. I undercounted the minority turnout and women and young people, single women. I thought that the 2008 turnout was a fluke. I think on your program many times I said that if the turnout is what it is in `08, then the polls are accurate and Obama is going to win. But they are not."

When O'Reilly asked whether Morris' credibility as an authority had taken a blow, Morris boasted, "Well, you know, anybody else who's gotten the president of the United States elected, tell me you are better than I am at it." Morris was Bill Clinton's campaign manager for a period of time during the 1996 election, in which Clinton won a second term.

Morris later distanced himself from the Clintons and has been critical of both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

About his prediction, Morris added: “I said you need to average '04, '06, '08 and '10 and take the average so that you get rid of the outlier. Well it turned out not to be an outlier. ... It turns out to be a trend.”