Justin Bieber Knocked Out of His Spot as Most-Watched YouTube Video -- You May Be Able to Guess Who's the New No. 1 THR

Justin Bieber no longer holds the title as the artist with the most-watched YouTube video, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The South Korean rapper Psy passed the teen singer early Saturday with 803,761,000 views for his video "Gangnam Style," the piece reports.

Bieber's video for "Baby" was previously No. 1, with 803,732,000 views, the story adds.

"Gangnam Style" had already grabbed YouTube's record for the Most Liked video ever. The song has 5.3 million "likes" and 323,000 "dislikes," while Bieber's "Baby" video has 1.4 million "likes" and 3.1 million "dislikes."

"Gangnam Style" was posted on YouTube four months ago and quickly became a pop culture phenomenon, the piece notes.