Movie Known as a Notorious Box Office Bomb Might Become a TV Series Forbes

It's known as one of Hollywood's biggest box office bombs and isn't an obvious choice to make into a television series, but Syfy is viewing it as an "underexploited piece of intellectual property," reports Jeff Bercovici at

That property is "Waterworld," the 1995 Kevin Costner film that reportedly cost $235 million, making it the most expensive movie ever at the time, the story notes. That record was later overtaken by "Titanic," a huge worldwide hit, while "Waterworld" only escaped losing money through home video sales.

Every time the network airs "Waterworld," it draws a healthy viewership, with 400,000 people tuning in for the most recent broadcast, the piece notes.

A series based on the movie is something that has been "talked about endlessly" and remains a possibility, according to Dave Howe, the president of Syfy.