Video: Letterman Crosses Network Lines for Guest Spot With Kimmel -- Who Reveals His Dave Obsession ABC, YouTube

David Letterman ventured beyond the familiar confines of his CBS late-night show to fulfill a dream of Jimmy Kimmel -- one of Letterman’s biggest fans -- with a guest appearance on Kimmel’s ABC late-night show.

Kimmel, whose show normally tapes in Los Angeles, had set up his visit to the New York area well before the threat of Hurricane Sandy surfaced, and he stuck to his plan to shoot in Brooklyn despite a number of obstacles created by the disaster -- including being forced to delay the taping by one day. Kimmel's show got a ratings bump from the episode.

Here are two clips of Letterman’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” -- with part one including a look at Kimmel’s longtime obsession with the late-night veteran, while part two has Dave revisiting the story about a kitchen invasion by a bear at Dave’s Montana home.