What the F--k Is Up With Show Titles? Four in Development Use the F-Word in Title Deadline

The short-lived CBS comedy "$#*! My Dad Says" may have been testing the waters for acceptance of swear words -- or some toned-down form of them -- in show titles, as four programs currently in development have the word "fuck" in their titles, reports Nellie Andreeva at

"While so-called 'fleeting expletives' have gotten broadcasters in hot water with threats of steep fines, curse words slowly but surely have been creeping into show names," she writes.

The 2010-11 development season had two projects with "bitch" in their names, although the word wasn't spelled out on air, with ABC eventually putting one on the air as "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23" and the other, also at ABC, surfacing as "GCB," an abbreviation for, among other things, “Good Christian Bitches.”

This development season, four comedies are in the works with "fuck" in their titles: Adam Goldberg's "How the Fuck I'm Normal," ABC's "Dumb Fuck," NBC's "Fuck I'm in My Twenties" and writer Ali Rushfield’s "Grow the Fuck Up," the story notes.

"Are we getting close to the first on-air American TV series with the F-word in the name?" Andreeva asks.