'60 Minutes'/Vanity Fair Poll Names Greatest Sitcom of All Time (Poll Also Reveals the Funniest Letter of the Alphabet, Among Other Things) TVWeek

A comedy series from TV’s early days battled it out with one from not all that long ago for the title of greatest sitcom of all time in a new poll by “60 Minutes” and Vanity Fair, with the not-so-old one, “Seinfeld,” edging the really old one, “The Honeymooners,” for the top spot.

Twenty-two percent of respondents picked “Seinfeld” as the greatest sitcom, closely followed by “The Honeymooners” with 20%. Also in the running: “Friends” (16%) and “Cheers” (14%).

The poll also addressed other comedy-related topics, determining that most people consider men to be funnier than women, while the most off-limits topic for comedians is sexual assault.

So, what’s the funniest letter of the alphabet? According to the survey, it’s the letter Q, which was named by 22% of respondents.

Another tidbit of interest: Employees of the Department of Motor Vehicles were identified as least likely to crack a smile, from a field that included airport workers, toll collectors and nightclub bouncers.

And only 14% of respondents knew who Judd Apatow is. The director, writer and producer is the guest editor of Vanity Fair’s January comedy issue.