Imitation Gordon Ramsay a Hit on Spanish TV -- Host 'Cusses Like an Ernest Hemingway Character and Has the Dinner Manners of a Goatherd' NY Post, Variety

Nasty celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, host of Fox's "Kitchen Nightmares," "MasterChef" and "Hell's Kitchen," has spawned a Spanish television imitator named Alberto Chicote, reports the New York Post.

Chicote hosts "Pesadilla en al Cocina," a variation on "Kitchen Nightmares," which has been a hit on La Sexta TV in Spain, the piece says, citing a Variety report.

Variety reports, "[Chicote] cusses like an Ernest Hemingway character and has the dinner manners of a goatherd."

Like "Kitchen Nightmares," "Pesadilla" has its host visiting ailing restaurants to fix the mistakes. In the course of the episode, the chef blusters and curses, just like Ramsay -- who’s noted for dropping the F-bomb on his shows.