NBC Station Expresses Regret for 'Chicago Fire' Episode NY Times

An NBC station in Rochester, N.Y., said it regretted airing an episode of "Chicago Fire" that bore resemblances to a real-life Christmas Eve shooting in a nearby town, reports The New York Times' Media Decoder.

Some viewers criticized NBC for airing the rerun because it depicted two firefighters who are pinned down by gunfire while aiding a victim of a gang shooting, the story says. Two firefighters were killed in Webster, N.Y., on Monday after a man set a fire, creating a trap, the piece notes.

The station, WHEC-TV, apparently heard from some viewers directly, according to the article.

"Last night, NBC, our network, ran an episode of ‘Chicago Fire’ that many in our community felt was insensitive in light of the Christmas Eve tragedy," said the station's general manager, Derek Dalton, in a statement. "We understand and regret the timing of this episode. By no means did we, or NBC, intend any disrespect to the families or our community affected by the recent events in Webster."

An NBC representative declined to comment.