Veteran Newsman, Who Was a Household Name in New York for More Than 20 Years Before Joining CNN in 2005, Exits the Cable News Network When Contract Not Renewed TVNewser

A CNN fixture who has been providing commentary and insight for "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" since 2005 has left the cable channel, reports

Jack Cafferty, who started his TV news career 52 years ago in Reno, was also a fixture in the New York TV market, where he spent more than 20 years at WPIX-TV, WNYW-TV and WNBC-TV.

Cafferty last appeared on "The Situation Room" on Nov. 15, his last day, leaving when his contract wasn't renewed, the story notes.

"There is no one like Jack Cafferty,” a CNN representative said. “He’s brought a lot of wit and wisdom to viewers over the years.”

jack-cafferty.jpgJack Cafferty