ABC Under Attack for Torture Scene in Drama Series LA Times

ABC has come under fire for a torture scene that has been described as “graphic and disturbing” in its political drama series “Scandal,” the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker reports.

The watchdog group Parents Television Council is targeting the network over the violence depicted in the scene, the story reports. In a statement released Monday, the group wrote: "On the very same night that Vice President Joe Biden met with entertainment industry leaders to discuss the issue of media violence and its impact on children, ABC -- the television network owned by a company named for Walt Disney -- aired an intense, explicit and bloodied torture scene during its show 'Scandal.'"

The statement adds: "For nearly three minutes, viewers were subjected to graphic and disturbing scenes of a man struggling to breathe while being waterboarded, his nose being broken and his face beaten into a bloody mess, blood spattering on the walls, and being kicked and beaten into submission.”

The piece notes that the torture scene bears a resemblance to one in the Oscar-nominated film "Zero Dark Thirty."

ABC declined to comment for the story.