AMC to Revive Show It Canceled Last Year NY Times

AMC is bringing back a show it canceled last summer, The New York Times reports. The cable channel said it made a deal with Fox Television Studios to produce a third season of "The Killing."

The drama drew early praise, but that shifted to frustration and criticism of Veena Sud, the showrunner, when the resolution of first season's central mystery was delayed until the second season, the piece notes.

"AMC said in a statement on Tuesday that the lead performers, Mireille Enos (who plays the homicide detective Sarah Linden) and Joel Kinnaman (who plays her partner, Stephen Holder), will return for Season 3, as will Ms. Sud, who will remain the showrunner," the story says.

The next season will look at a new case, which will be resolved over 12 episodes, the network said. Production starts Feb. 25.

Fox Television Studios said it would try to find another home for the show after the cancellation last year, and went on to talk with broadcast partners and Netflix, the story says.

Conversations with Netflix are continuing, according to the report.