Fox News Channel Under Fire From State Department THR, Washington Post

Fox News Channel has angered the State Department, which targeted the cable channel in a critical letter saying that a line of questioning by Fox News correspondent Justin Fishel over Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was "simply a blatant lie and grossly misleading to the public," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fishel, along with other conservative commentators, questioned the State Department's announcement that Clinton had fallen and was unable to testify about the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi because of a concussion, the story says.

"It seems that she has not been available to testify on the Benghazi situation on some very key dates, including the Sunday after 9/11 and now this Thursday," Fishel said. Clinton was later hospitalized for a blood clot in her brain.

According to a letter obtained by The Washington Post, State Department spokesman Philippe Reines wrote to Fishel, "Because after what we and her doctors explained over the weekend regarding her health, you couldn’t possibly have been insinuating the ulterior motives that question implies. No way. No credible journalist would do that without any basis whatsoever."

Reines added, "And therefore, saying that this has happened on multiple ‘key dates’ is simply a blatant lie and grossly misleading to the public."