Investigators Say Armstrong May Have Lied to Oprah Winfrey ABC News

Investigators are saying Lance Armstrong may have lied to Oprah Winfrey during their interview on OWN, reports

In the first part of his confession, which aired Thursday night, Armstrong admitted for the first time that he won the Tour de France seven times while using performance-enhancing drugs.

Investigators are alleging that Armstrong wasn't entirely honest, citing his statement to Winfrey that he stopped doping in 2005. They claim that his blood values at the 2009 Tour de France showed clear blood manipulation.

He may have lied to protect himself criminally, the story notes.

"Federal authorities looking to prosecute criminal cases will look back at the 'last overt act' in which the crime was committed, they explained. If Armstrong doped in 2005 but not 2009, the statute of limitations may have expired on potential criminal activity," the piece reports.