Video: Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Sparks Controversy Motor Authority

A Volkswagen commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl has sparked a controversy after the spot was previewed online, Motor Authority reports.

“Volkswagen’s upcoming ad for Super Bowl XLVII doesn’t feature scantily clad bikini models, singing dogs or an adorable pint-sized version of a famous movie villain,” the piece reports. “There are no pyrotechnics, driving stunts or rock bands, either. Instead, it centers on the quest of a lowly office drone named Dave, who drives a VW Beetle, to improve morale in his workplace.”

The problem with the “Get Happy” spot, the piece reports, is that “Dave, who’s from Minnesota, speaks with an island patois that some find demeaning to Jamaicans. Worse, one extreme feels that the video portrays Jamaicans as lazy, though we have a hard time seeing that ourselves.”

See for yourself -- here's the video: