Film Reviewer Under Fire for Remarks About Melissa McCarthy HLN, NY Observer

New York Observer critic Rex Reed is coming under fire from readers who object to his characterization of "Mike & Molly" star Melissa McCarthy as a "hippo" and "tractor-sized" in a review of "Identity Thief," reports HLN's Showbiz Tonight.

The review, which condemns the entire movie as "a new chunk of junk," also targets McCarthy's weight as a problem, describing her as a "screeching, humongous creep" and a "female hippo."

More than 900 comments appeared on the New York Observer website in response to the review, including many that are critical of Reed. Said one reader: "Remind me never to read the Observer again." Another pointed out that overweight actors, such as Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan, don't receive the same level of hostility. Some called for Reed to apologize to McCarthy.