NBC Comedy 'Go On' to Reunite One of TV's Most Popular Couples THR

One of television’s most popular couples will be reunited on the NBC sitcom “Go On,” according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed.

The actors who played Monica and Chandler on "Friends" will appear together on an episode of “Go On” set to air in April. Courteney Cox will make a guest appearance on the episode of the freshman series, which stars Matthew Perry.

Cox will play a character who meets Anne, a member of the therapy group attended by Perry's Ryan, who then sets up Cox’s and Perry’s characters.

It will be Perry and Cox's first TV reunion since "Friends" ended its 10-season run in 2004.

“This marks the latest ‘Friends’ reunion for Cox, who has also guest starred on Lisa Kudrow's Showtime adaptation ‘Web Therapy’ (David Schwimmer has appeared as well),” the report notes. “Kudrow, meanwhile, also appeared on an episode of ‘Cougar Town’ during the comedy's run on ABC, as did Jennifer Aniston, the latter of whom also guest starred on Cox's FX comedy, ‘Dirt.’ (Schwimmer, meanwhile, directed two episodes of ‘Friends’ spinoff ‘Joey,’ starring Matt LeBlanc.)”