ESPN Bans Commentator From Twitter THR

ESPN has made it clear it doesn't want its personalities publicly criticizing the network. According to The Hollywood Reporter the sports channel banned Bill Simmons from Twitter after he posted negative comments.

Simmons, a star commentator, writer and editor, wrote on Twitter that a segment on "First Take" was "awful and embarrassing."

The segment, which featured a heated argument between commentator Skip Bayless and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, has generated a lot of buzz online.

Simmons posted a video clip of the segment, writing, "I am not defending this segment. I thought it was awful and embarrassing to everyone involved. Seriously."

ESPN's social media guidelines ban its employees from writing about the network critically online, the story says.

Simmons' suspension from Twitter started Tuesday and will end today, the story says.

Here’s the segment Simmons posted: