Move Over, Fox News: Another Conservative TV News Net Is About to Launch Deadline, WSJ

A new cable channel is set to launch soon that could syphon off some of what Fox News has proved is a sizable audience for a right-leaning take on the news. reports that One America News, from the Washington Times and the owner of WealthTV, is being readied for a July 1 launch. Citing a piece in The Wall Street Journal, the report says the channel will deliver a 24-hour lineup of news and conservative political talk.

“Charles Herring, president of One America News, says the San Diego-based network expects to start with modest distribution between 10 million and 20 million homes,” Deadline reports. “Herring said his family’s Herring Broadcasting is investing ‘hundreds of millions’ of dollars into what he describes as a much-needed alternative to the current situation.”

Said Herring: “MSNBC skews left, and some argue that CNN skews left,” while only Fox News “skews right.”

Herring is quoted in the piece as saying he plans “to open up another front and give independents, libertarians and all kind of different voices under the conservative umbrella an opportunity to express themselves.”

The channel will use the Washington Times as its D.C. bureau, the report notes, with an initial staff of 30 to 40 people.