New York's Mayor Bloomberg is Spending $12 Million on a TV Buy Across 13 States. Opposition Says It Will Match That Spending NY Post

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City is genuinely passionate about certain issues, and is willing to spend his money to back up those passions.

According the the New York Post, "Bloomberg today [March 25, 2013] is kicking off a $12 million TV ad campaign targeting federal lawmakers in 13 states to back a package of gun reforms that will go before the Senate next month, including universal background checks for all gun purchases."

The article says that according to National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre, "his members will go dollar for dollar with the billionaire New Yorker."

The story says that both Bloomberg and LaPierre made separate apprearances on NBC's "Meet the Press" yesterday.

The article says that when LaPierre was on the show he said that Bloomberg "[C]an’t buy America. He’s going to find out this is a country of the people, by the people and for the people — and he can’t spend enough of his $27 billion to try to impose his will on the American public.”

For his part, Bloomberg said on the program -- according to the Post -- "“We demanded a plan, and then we demanded a vote,” he said.

“We’ve got the plan. We're going to get the vote.

“And now it's incumbent on us to make our voices heard.

“There are an awful lot of people that think that this is one of the great issues of our time.

“We have to stop the carnage,” Bloomberg said. “I think we are going to win this.”