NFL Sunday Ticket May Be Scrapped NBC Sports

Football fans have had the opportunity to watch every NFL game via DirecTV since 1994, but that service may soon be scrapped. NBC Sports reports that the satellite service may drop its NFL Sunday Ticket after the 2014 season.

The piece cites comments by DirecTV CFO Pat Doyle, speaking Wednesday at an investors conference. Noting that the company’s deal with the NFL expires after the 2014 NFL season, Doyle said DirecTV would look into “striking a non-exclusive deal with the NFL or possibly even dropping the popular package.” The piece cites a report in SportsBusiness Daily.

“The fact that there’s no new deal only two seasons away from expiration of the current contract isn’t a good sign, given that the NFL usually extends these things years in advance,” the NBC Sports report notes. “Complicating matters is the fact that the popularity of the RedZone channel, now available via cable, has made the Sunday Ticket package less important to many fans. Also, the availability of every game on NFL Rewind after the fact reduces the attractiveness of features that previously were exclusive to DirecTV.”

The piece notes that if DirecTV opts out, rights could be moved to a cable provider or multiple cable providers.