Report: NBC Approached Anderson Cooper to Replace Matt Lauer -- and It Didn't Sit Well With Lauer Deadline

NBC executives reached out to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper about replacing Matt Lauer on the embattled "Today" show before the year is out, reports Nellie Andreeva at

But when NBC execs sought to get Lauer's blessing, they got "pushback" from the longtime "Today" co-host, who then contacted Cooper "to express his disapproval," the story says.

"I also hear that call caught Cooper by surprise, as he had assumed Lauer had been brought on board before NBC began making overtures,” Andreeva writes. “Cooper has been one of the leading faces at CNN, though I hear his contract has an out, and he previously was able to do his syndicated daytime talk show in addition to his CNN program.”

Lauer's tenure has been rumored to be coming to an end, given the “Today” show's declining ratings and Lauer’s loss of favor among viewers who blame him for the ouster of former co-anchor Ann Curry.