TV News Outlets Taken In by Baby-Naming Hoax TVNewser

Dozens of television outlets, including CNN, Fox News and NBC's "Today," were taken in by a baby-naming hoax, reports.

The hoax is the latest in a series of stories that have been reported as true by television news but turned out to be false, the piece reports. The new hoax comes after it was revealed that a "viral video" of a pig rescuing a goat was fake, and after Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o was revealed to have a fake girlfriend.

"Hoaxes are apparently in vogue now," the story notes.

In the latest hoax, TV news programs reported that a woman was offering to name her baby based on an online poll in exchange for $5,000. It turned out that the woman was an actress, and the poll was created by a website as a publicity stunt.

The TVNewser story notes: "It is unrealistic to expect TV producers or bookers to catch every single hoax, especially when people are pushing it and deliberately trying to deceive. Working in TV is a grind, and staffers work long hours to fill endless minutes of airtime. Most of the people producers deal with are straight shooters, or at least not deliberately lying to them, but when you have liars, there is only so much you can do. In the case of the baby-naming hoax: the website was real, and was pushing it."